Double Bed Set (137cm)

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A Double Mattress is 137cm wide and 188cm long. Extra length, 200cm, is available in selected models. Double beds are 30cm wider than three quarter beds, allowing for two people to sleep comfortably.

A double bed set offers more space to stretch out at night, and more room for pets or children to take up when there is a storm or a bad dream creeps in.

If you are searching for the perfect double bed set that supports your weight and offers a comfortable surface, eHome has an extensive selection to choose from.

We offer models from well-known brands Rest Assured and Cloud Nine, both of which are known for their firm, supportive yet softly cushioning mattresses. Their bed sets are stylish enough to suit the decor and colour scheme of any room. If you prefer to hide the base of the bed set, choose a base cover or sheet in a matching or contrasting colour to add interest to the room.

Rest Assured provides double bed sets that provide solid, ultra-tough spring construction that is coupled with unique coil technology, such as double-tempered hour-glass shaped coils for durability and the ability to cushion movement while sleeping. These innovations provide spinal support and an impressive interior structure, while boosting comfort and luxury with softly covered exteriors.

If you are looking for one of South Africa’s only chiropractor endorsed bed sets, eHome stocks amazingly comfortable options from Cloud Nine. This brand uses innovative Posture Foam for their mattresses, which provides a firm yet soft surface for back and body support. The bases of these bed sets are also highly durable, so they can be used by active children and teenagers alike.

Double bed sets are ideal for bedrooms that are spacious, as they will take up more room than a single or three-quarter mattress. However, the models available from eHome are not bulky, as you will not have to find a bed frame to fit a mattress. This makes the models we offer ideal for more minimalist, modern bedrooms where clutter is unwelcome.

Bed sets have grown in popularity as the trend towards space saving and decluttering has become more prevalent. eHome offers premier options that offer comfort, style and support in one, saving you from having to spend hours testing out mattresses.

Our models allow for two people to sleep comfortably side by side, without having to worry about movements affecting the other person. The length of our bed sets range from 137 cm to 188 cm, ideal for taller people looking for a supportive and comfortable sleep.

Spoil yourself to the perfect night’s sleep with eHome’s selection of double bed sets, and see how truly relaxing your bedroom can be.