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A bed is the perfect place to dream, to sleep and to relax in general, so it has to be comfortable enough to curl up and forget the world. But beds also have to offer support and firmness while you are sleeping, otherwise, you will wake up with back pain and without having had the right amount of sleep.

eHome stocks beds that outperform the rest, giving you unexpected levels of back support while also being aesthetically appealing. We offer beds which provide extra length, as well as those which are able to support extra weight. These are popular among parents with growing teenagers who need durable and comfortable places to sleep after a stressful day at school.

If you are looking for a bed to suit a smaller space, a single or three-quarter bed is an ideal choice. These sizes can fit into more compact bedrooms without taking up too much space, especially if you opt for a mattress and base combination over a mattress and bedframe combination, which can be bulky.

We know that it can be tricky to choose just the right amount of firmness to give you a comfortable night, and so have provided beds from two brands which are renowned for their spinal support and comfort.

Rest Assured and Cloud Nine are forerunners in creating luxuriously soft beds. Rest Assured’s interlocking coil innovation offers the perfect amount of firmness under their plush mattresses, while Cloud Nine specialises in beds that offer impressive spinal support. Either choice is simply dreamy.

Everyone knows that soft foam is the ultimate choice for a bed, which is why the beds and mattresses we stock all come with soft foam outer layers over supportive coil underlayers. This balance allows you to drift away with the knowledge that you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, we provide the Slomotion memory foam beds from Cloud Nine. These impressive beds allow you to raise them and lower them to the perfect angle for sleeping or relaxing in bed, and are hypo-allergenic with a zero movement transfer promise.

Our extensive bed selection allows you to spend your night in style, while indulging in an ultra-comfortable and cosy sleep. With so many choices, you cannot go wrong and any one of the beds we have on offer is a fabulous choice.

A bed is at the heart of the bedroom, it is where you lay your head in the evening and so it should be comfortable and should fit your height. A bed should also support your back and body, which is what eHome provides with our wide selection of beds.

A mattress and base combination is an easier choice over having to spend time searching for a mattress that perfectly fits your bedframe. It is also an ideal choice for a smaller bedroom that does not have space for a bulky bed frame.

If you are looking for a bed set that will support your weight easily and without buckling, we have bed sets from brands which are known for their durability and comfort, namely Cloud Nine and Rest Assured.

The mattresses of these bed sets are made from high-density foam for firm spinal and body support, as well as being No Turn, saving you from having to lift a heavy mattress every six months. Both brands provide spinal support for a variety of weights, meaning that you will be able to sleep comfortably knowing you will not wake up with a sore back.

eHome provides single bed sets that come with extra length for taller people who are usually unable to comfortably fit into a normal length bed. This is ideal for growing teenagers or children, as they are likely to need a durable bed to last more than a month.

A bed set can be fit into any room, and because the colours are neutral whites and creams, the bases can be covered with a multitude of coloured base sheets to match any colour scheme. The bases also help in providing back support, as they are made from firm materials, and can handle the weight and movement of any sized person.

Rest Assured bed sets provide innovative features, such as heat absorbing Memory Blue Gel with a hand nested pocketed coil system, as well as their popular interlocking coil system for ultimate comfort and luxury.

Cloud Nine offers equally as ingenious features, including multi-layered foam mattresses with reconstituted cores for extra support and durability. Their bed sets are approved by chiropractors across the country, as they offer extra spinal support with their Chiroflex models.

Create a bedroom that provides comfort after a hard day by opting for one of the many choices of bed sets from eHome. You can have both support and luxury, with quality to last a lifetime. Sleep away your stresses with us.