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Eco-Friendly Luxury Kitchen

Design The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Luxury Kitchen

The future (and present) is becoming greener and greener, and your kitchen should be no different. But low consumption shouldn’t impact your appliances’ performance. There are lots of options for you to turn your home into an energy-saving, planet-rescuing haven while still getting the convenience of the latest technologies. In this article, we will look at some of the Smeg appliances you can get to have the best of both worlds – style and low-consumption technology. 

New Age Storage

Since the dawn of the new normal, we’ve all been trying to find ways to preserve our food’s freshness for longer in order to cut costs and minimise our time outside. This has created an opportunity for brands such as Smeg to install new technical features in their appliances to complement this new way of living. For example, there are now integrated and built-in fridges that come with a feature that keeps your food fresher for longer and can freeze your meat according to your different preferences. There is also good cool air circulation, which helps keep the temperature of the fridge constant while still detecting things like humidity for fruit and vegetables, and enough freezing for meats. Invest in one of our state-of-the-art built-in fridges and change the way you see freshness. These fridges also have ample storage space, which offers you more value for money as you can meal prep for the weeks ahead. 

Something’s Always Cooking

When it comes to stoves, there are a lot of options for you to choose from, especially if you are going green. There are energy-saving and gas stoves that will not only save you money and electricity but also give you great food with easy to use features and functionalities. Invest in either a built-in gas oven or stove and create amazing meals with the Smeg of your choice. There are different colours, plate sizes and designs to choose from. Our stoves are also easy to clean and have multifunctioning heating systems to make sure nothing burns or sticks. Of course, you will still have to keep an eye on your cooking; we haven’t made self-cooking stoves – yet. 

Sweet Treats And Strong Coffee

When it comes to creating the best desserts or baked goods, don’t worry about where to find equipment, but rather which one to choose. At eHome, we have a range of Smeg stand mixers that not only mix but can help you create amazing things like pasta, pizza dough and even ice cream. So, treat those with a sweet tooth or go for a delicious Italian-inspired meal by creating something amazing with our mixer and other great appliances. And if you are a coffee fanatic, we suggest you start compiling a list of all the java creations you want to make with our innovative and user-friendly coffee grinders. Have you been wanting to try out new creations and combos from your favourite recipe books and channels? Then let’s make you the dessert and coffee master, because who says you can’t be a jack of all kitchen trades? Exactly. 

Clean Up, Nicely

Keep your kitchen and laundry clean with eco-friendly and affordable washing machines and built-in dishwashers. Our washing machines have EcoSilence Drive, which is extremely energy-efficient and quiet in operation with a 10-year warranty. Our dishwashers also have a feature called SuperSilence, which saves you energy and is less noisy. A famous pro-tip when it comes to dishwashers and washing machine use is to always try to do the washing once a week instead of every time you have dirty clothes and dishes. So if you bulk up your washing and dishes, you save water and electricity by washing them once a week. You save yourself time too and can do other things instead of always being by the machines. Think about the colours you want and how you want them to complement your kitchen because you will definitely fall in love with our range of washing machines and dishwashers as soon as you see them. 

Final Thoughts

An eco-friendly home is not necessarily expensive, and it most certainly counts as an investment more than anything. In the long run, you get to save money, save the planet and create a beautifully functioning home with great appliances. Browse eHome online today, plus get FREE delivery. Start reinventing your kitchen with a team that can beat any retail price, promise. 

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