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6 Reasons why you need a portable air conditioner right now

You’ve likely noticed by now that we’re hitting the hottest months of the year. Just a quick walk outside can leave you feeling like you’ve been spending time too close to the oven. And it doesn’t help going inside your home unless, of course, you own an air conditioner.

However, installing an air conditioner in each room of your house can become expensive and will require hours of having people in and out of your private space installing the appliances. These are two of the many reasons you should own a portable air conditioner instead. In case you need any more convincing as to why you should buy a portable air conditioner right now, here are six reasons.  

It’s where you need it, when you need it

Let’s face it, this is the number one reason for anyone owning a portable air conditioner. You never have to worry about spending time in the hottest room in your house because you can bring this appliance along with you. You can easily move it around your home as you spend time in different rooms.

For example, you may need to spend time in your study, sending some emails or shopping online, and you’ll want your air conditioner on right next to you. But, once you’re done, you plan to watch some television in your lounge, which is known to be quite warm due to the windows which let in the midday sun. You don’t need to worry because your air conditioner can easily come along with you as you switch activities.  

Portable air conditioners are known to be more energy-efficient

The most notable reason why portable air conditioners are likely to be more energy-efficient is that you are less prone to leaving it on when you leave a room. It’s easy to walk out of a room without turning off the fixed air conditioning. However, when you have a portable air conditioner, it would be difficult to forget to turn it when it’s nearer to you than an appliance stuck to the wall would be.

In addition to this, portable air conditioners use less energy as they are not there to cool entire large rooms. Fixed air conditioners are mostly used to cool (or heat) entire rooms, from corner to corner. But portable air conditioners are there to cool a smaller area, therefore many models use less energy to cool the immediate area.  

They have a dehumidifying function

You may think that you can simply use a portable fan to cool down during this hot summer. However, fans dry out the air, which can affect your skin and your sinuses, as well as cause static electricity in your home. And that’s why a portable air conditioner is such a good idea: because it comes with a humidifier to keep the moisture levels in your home as they should be.

It’s perfect for a home gym

If you have your own home gym, which you use for many different workouts, you’ll know that you need air conditioning. However, if your home gym is a large room and you need to use specific parts of it for various workouts, a fixed air conditioner may not reach you when you’re doing your cardio at the back or may be too close when you’re trying to practise your yoga moves (it’s all about hot yoga these days) or lift weights. A portable air conditioner goes where you need it to go and you can adjust it to the temperature you need it to be.  

It’s ideal for entertaining guests

When you have people over, there is usually that one person who is a little too hot or a little too cold when everybody is happy with the current temperature. A portable air conditioner will help ease the tension in this situation and keep that particular guest happy. But don’t worry, if you need to cool down more than one guest, portable air conditioners are able to reach more than one person sitting in a specific area. So, you can either have a few guests sitting together or that one guest sitting in a single seater with the cool air blowing on them.

It’s the inexpensive option

As mentioned above, installing air conditioning throughout your home can become extremely costly. But even installing air conditioning in the two rooms of your house that receive the most sunlight will cost more than simply purchasing one portable air conditioner. So, save yourself the extra money and buy one appliance instead of multiple appliances (which need installation as well). And don’t forget that a portable air conditioning will be more effective at cooling you quicker as you are able to start it up and keep it close to you, with the air blowing directly on you.

Of course, since you now know exactly why you need a portable air conditioner, you’re going to be looking for one. And eHome has the perfect portable aircons, available in South Africa right now as well as a variety of other appliances online.